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The 9th Annual Fall Book Sale, held on Saturday and Sunday, October 26 and 27 at Grant Park High School, was another success, generating over $10,600 – the best year yet! There were nearly 150 people lined up at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday for the start of the sale, and traffic was great all weekend. Best of all, everyone – volunteers and customers – seemed to have a great time. What a great way to raise funds for our library and recycle all those great books into new homes!

The Friday night set-up crew really appreciated the wonderful sustenance from Boston Pizza on Taylor (plus volunteer Pamela Bowles’ yummy Tunnel of Fudge cake). Weekend volunteers were fed well with donations from Taylor Avenue neighbours: Sobeys, Safeway and Subway!

As always the staff at Grant Park High School was great. The caretakers looked after us well all weekend. A really big thank you goes to teacher Bobbi Milberg for sending us such wonderful student volunteers to help move boxes during Friday set-up. They were tireless and those strong young backs were lifesavers for us.

Unsold books are redirected to agencies such as the Salvation Army. Selected paperbacks go to the Prison Library Project (buy metformin south africa).

Since its inception, the sale has contributed over $50,000 to enrich our work in supporting important Winnipeg library projects.

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