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Friends’ President, Billie Stewart, says:

“It’s time to make sure the 2015 Books & Brunch is in your calendars (May 3).  We are so pleased to have Al Rae and Charlene Diehl joining us for Books I Have Known and Loved.  What an interesting and talented pair!  We’ve had our eye on Charlene for B&B for some time; who better to talk about books than the director of the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, a published author, editor and former English prof.  And we all knew Al as a comedian and director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, but then we ran into him doing some serious shopping at our book sale.  Next we noted he is teaching a course called Wrestling Ulysses this spring in the McNally Robinson Community Classroom.  Obviously he too belongs at Books & Brunch.  And, as it’s the 10th Annual Books & Brunch, we might even have cake….”

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