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To all our Book Sale Fans who are asking “When?!”  There has been a delay in getting our Permit from the Winnipeg School Division to use Grant Park High School Gym for the sale.  But stay tuned – we hope to announce it very soon.

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Consider donating your gently used books, CDs, DVDs & LPs for our fall book sale.  Label the bags or small sturdy boxes “FRIENDS” and take them to any branch of Winnipeg Public Library.  If needed, we can pick up larger donations, which must be packed in smaller, sturdy boxes.  Leave a message at (204) 488-3217 […]

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purchase metformin 500 mg

BOOKS & BRUNCH 2016 was another winner.  The sunny blue sky and warm temperature was a perfect backdrop to The Gates’ setting on May 1st for the 11th annual BOOKS & BRUNCH.    A capacity crowd enjoyed the superb buffet as well as the Rainbow Auction (our best yet – over $2,000 in prizes!)  The highlights […]

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On May 1, 2016 at The Gates on Roblin an enthusiastic audience enjoyed wonderful weather, a super silent auction, great food, and entertaining recollections of “Books I Have Loved 2016” by guest speakers Lara Rae and Catherine Hunter. Mark your calendars now for next year’s event on May 7, 2017!

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where can i buy metformin and clomid

Kathy Blight (wonder woman) has just announced that The Gates on Roblin have found a couple of extra tables for us – YAY! So if you thought we were sold-out for Books & Brunch and you hadn’t bought a ticket, this is good news!

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Books & Brunch with guests Lara Rae & Catherine Hunter is heading for a sell-out – 90% of the tickets have aleady been sold! Phone 204-947-0110 or email or in person at the Best of Friends Gift Shop in the lobby of the Millennium Library, Monday to Friday 11 to 4.

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WHEN:  Wednesday, April 6, 2016 2:00 p.m. WHERE:  Millennium Library, 251 Donald Street, second floor, Anhang Room All members are encouraged to attend. Guest Speaker: Rick Walker, Manager of Library Services NOTICE: At the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library Board will be proposing amendments to By-law No. 1, […]

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We expect a full house for our annual Books & Brunch on May 1st at The Gates on Roblin. Get your tickets early! They are $60 with a $25 tax receipt. Phone 204-947-0110 or email or pop in to the Best of Friends Gift Shop in the Millennium Library lobby. Monday to Friday 11 […]

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Books & Brunch tickets ($60 with a $25 tax receipt) will be available March 1st. Tables of 8 can be booked February 1st. Phone BOF 204-947-0110 or email

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SAVE THE DATE:  The Friends’ ever popular Books & Brunch will be held on Sunday May 1st at The Gates on Roblin.  Speaking about “Books I have known and loved” will be Lara Rae and Catherine Hunter.  Ticket info coming soon.

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